Meet the Fobs

Suzie Leung

Maybe it’s my tendency to bargain for everything, or that nothing tastes complete without a good dousing of hot sauce, or that I only recently learned what a quesadilla is.  Either way, assimilation has always been a rather fluid concept for me–from birthplace England, to passport country Hong Kong, to hometown Singapore, to my newest home, San Francisco.


Emily Nakano Co

I flash the peace sign a.k.a. scissors like it’s my job. I can eat sushi and drink green tea everyday. I blame my sushi addiction on my Japanese mom, but I do love good xiao long bao, which are dumplings with soup in them. That stems from my Chinese dad. I was born on the sunny island of Singapore, lived in the sushi mecca Japan, and am a budding journalist making my home in Chicago… for now!


6 responses to “Meet the Fobs

  1. great site!!! would love to be part of this if you need more fobulous fobs to contribute 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed ur site!!!

  3. cute emily i didn’t know this was you lol sooo freakin hilarious 😉

  4. Hey Emily.. THis is Great!!

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