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Japanese bodybuilders flex their muscles

Asian guys can be built too, you know! Just check out these male bodybuilders posing at the Japan Bodybuilding Championships in Tokyo last Monday. I think some of them need to work on their spray-on tans. Hot or not?




I just found a picture of their girlfriends on China Daily.




Singaporean cabbie with a Stanford PhD

You can find still find yourself behind the driving wheel of a cab even after forking out loads of cash, and devoting a backbreaking amount of effort and time to obtain a PhD from Stanford. This happened to 57-year-old China-born Dr. Cai Mingjie, who resorted to driving cabs as a way to make ends meet after he was retrenched from his job researching cell genetics at a research institute in Singapore. After facing multiple rejections, he saw the taxi industry filled with job vacancies.

He also started blogging about his experiences. His latest post talks about getting an “indecent proposal” from a bar girl.

Fobber Amy and I are chasing our graduate degrees right now, so here’s to hoping that years from now, we’ll be on the career paths we wish to be on. If we ever do find ourselves in dire straits, the lesson to learn from Cai is to suck up your pride, and take on whatever job you can find.



iPhone app for perverts who like to look up women’s skirts

If you’re feeling the itch to sneak a peek at a cute Japanese lady’s panties, BottleCube’s iPhone app Puff! is the legal way to do it. The harder you rub your screen and blow on the mic, the higher her skirt will fly. The more her skirt is raised, the louder her squeal. There are different scenarios in case you want to change things up a little–a park, the office and a bar. Save yourself a sexual harassment suit, and get yours at the iTunes store today!


Disgrasian via Huffington Post

Japanese facial product transforms you into a heartthrob

Apparently using this face product will turn you into a stud. Check out this commercial by Gatsby, a Japanese brand of skin and hair products for men. The hot guy in the clip is Takuya Kimura, one of the top entertainers in Japan whose claim to fame is from being part of a boyband called SMAP, a band started in 1988. For some reason, boybands don’t really lose their appeal in Japan. SMAP is still as popular, or even more popular, than when they started out. Now if this product turns me into Jessica Alba, I’m going to go buy a huge box of it.


Japan Probe

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Taiwanese girl kisses her way through Paris 100 times

I wonder if her lips will be sore (or have sores) after her Parisian kiss quest. A 27-year-old Taiwanese music student, Yang Ya-Ching, who is schooling in France’s capital, aims to kiss a 100 strangers and is keeping a record of it via an online photo album and blog. Any guesses as to how many rejections she has received? Check out the gallery of photos–they actually look very artsy.


Disgrasian via Taipei Times

Principal of a Tokyo international school caught smuggling drugs

Holy crap, I thought this stuff only happens in movies! Shirley Lane, the principal of the kindergarten or junior school of the International School of Sacred Heart, and her husband Thomas, have been arrested for smuggling marijuana into Japan. They tried to have someone mail 5.9 grams of weed, stuffed between clothing, from another country. The husband also admitted to bringing in $100 worth of the drug to Japan, which he purchased in Florida. The police found small amounts of pot in the principal’s office and home.

Wow, I actually attended the school for a brief period in high school. Who knew the administration were more wild than the students!