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Chinese bankers count cash at superhuman speed

You know those machines at the bank that can count a huge stack of bills in mere seconds?  Well, check out China’s human version.  Featured on CCTV, these incredible individuals are “both fast and accurate” in their ability to count money, newspapers, and stamp envelopes at superhuman speed.  Crazy!


(Thanks to my pops for sending me this fobulous video!)


Japanese farmers get artsy with funky rice murals

3933440776_1838daa303_mWho says that farmers can’t also be artists?  In the small town of Inakadate, Japan, rice farmers have been attracting audiences since 1993 with their badass rice paddy murals, created by planting different kinds rice.  What started as a local revitalization project has become a famous tourist attraction as the murals have increased in both size and complexity over the years.

“I feel happy to see many people come to see our rice paddies because, here in Inakadate Village, rice and people’s lives are very closely connected,” Akio Nakayama, who leads the rice paddy art project, told the Japan Times.

This year, the farmers celebrate 17 years rice art with incredible murals of a Sengoku warrior and Napoleon.  Crazy!



(Weird Asia News via Japan Times via Romanian in Japan)

Lookin’ fobulous this fall: Suwha Hong

Fall season might be a sad goodbye to warm weather, but snag a gorgeous new coat by Korean designer Suwha Hong and you’ll look hot no matter how cold it gets outside.  Born in Korea, Suwha’s childhood pastimes included “drawing princess gowns, raiding her mother’s pajama drawer for dress options and concocting imaginary tales in her head.”


Still, it was after six years of pursuing a career as a corporate attorney that Suwha decided to quit her desk job and follow her true dream as a fashion designer.  In 2007, she launched her debut collection with incredible success, and it was featured in top fashion mags including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Shop her fobulous new fall collection at


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Happy Birthday, China!

The fobby motherland celebrates its 60th National Day today.  Happy Birthday!


Fobby tattoos on the rise for China’s 60th

Always wanted a badass tattoo, but can’t figure out what to get?  How about something fobulously patriotic, like a map of the motherland?


“Tattoo artist Ren Liang works on a tattoo on customer Chen Huang’s back in his shop in central Beijing September 28, 2009.  The small tattoo parlour has had an influx of requests for tattoos which symbolise the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.”

Check out the full gallery here!


NYC’s latest fashion statement: coconut chic

I couldn’t help but be humored by the front page feature on today’s NY Times website about the city’s latest food fashion trend: fresh coconuts.  Move aside Gucci and Prada, looks like the fashion capital has discovered a new summer accessory… and it tastes sublime, too.


“Like banh mi sandwiches and sriracha chili sauce, the young coconut and its juice is the latest formerly humble food to be discovered by New York City’s style set, and elevated — if not quite to the level of a status symbol — at least to that of a prized accessory.”  Reminiscent of Thai beach culture, coconuts have become the trendy thing to sip on while out walking around the city.

Growing up in Singapore, we had a coconut tree in our backyard and every other week or so my dad would bring out the ladder and butcher knife to hack open fresh coconuts for me and my brother.  Now, according to the NY Times’ Fashion & Style, fresh coconuts, sold for $2 to $4, are all the rage, “sipped tiki-style by someone young and fashionable, as they have been all summer.”  Hilarious.


Gang jailed after “lucky 8” license plate battle

This week in Beijing, five men were jailed and fined after a violent fight over a license plate containing the lucky number “8888.”  The incident happened last year when plate number “8888” was about to be issued.  The men, following orders from their ringleader who wanted the plate, used knives and clubs to attack people who came near a machine issuing license plates at Beijing’s vehicle registration center.  Several were injured, one even seriously hurt.

license plate

Any Chinese fob knows that the Chinese word for “eight” sounds like the word for “to make money.” Ironically, each perpetrator was punished with an order to pay $8k.  Guess the number wasn’t so lucky after all.