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Need a place to nap? Try Beijing’s IKEA

Bored in Beijing?  Looking for somewhere to just hang out, kick back and maybe even take a nap?  If you’re like many Chinese peeps in Beijing, it sounds like it’s time to head to IKEA.  Yup, IKEA the Swedish company famous for its modern and affordable furniture, has become a hugely popular hangout for locals looking to maximize on the free flow soda and ample seating.


Not that they buy much though.  Lizzy Hou, 25, a university graduate who moved to Beijing in May from neighboring Hebei province for a teaching job tells the LA Times, “We want to be modern. I think IKEA stands for a kind of lifestyle. People don’t necessarily want to buy it, but they want to at least experience it.”

Indeed, the place seems a lot more like a theme park than a store, with people going there to read a book, kick off their shoes on a comfy couch, or grab a cheap and tasty lunch at the cafeteria.  Others even go there to take photos, using the furniture sets as a cool and modern backdrop.

Really, only in China!


P.S. Read the full article and check out the great photo gallery!  Thanks to my cousin, Darrin, for the link!