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Happy Diwali from President Obama!

Happy Diwali, everyone!  Emily, Amy and I grew up in Singapore, where Diwali (we call it Deepavali, the Tamil pronunciation of the word) is a public holiday so I was pretty stoked to find that President Obama gave a special Diwali message today.  Check it out!



Indian karate teacher crashes through 100 light bulbs

This Japanese TV program traveled to India to film Sanjay, a karate instructor, run through 100 cylinder light bulbs.  Another example of the ridiculously quirky (yet totally awesome) stuff that Japanese peeps love to watch…

Japan Probe


Women’s boxing a path out of poverty in India

25boxing-600There’s something very empowering about that jab, hook, uppercut.  For an increasing number of women in India, boxing has taught courage, fueled ambition and rewarded champions who grew up in poverty with otherwise unattainable recognition.

As someone who’s admittedly quite rah-rah about women’s empowerment, I couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy when I stumbled on an inspiring NY Times article about the power of women’s boxing in India, a country where boys are often favored over girls.


For many women, boxing has also provided  ticket to middle-class life, partly because the Indian government rewards athletes with highly-coveted government employment.  And with the recent announcement of women’s boxing as an official sport for the 2012 Olympics, India’s female athletes will vie for international fame as they push the gender bar.

In an interview with India’s most acclaimed boxer, Mangte Chungneijang Merykom, 27, the NY Times writes:

Kom kept boxing a secret from her family — until she won a state championship in 2000, and everyone, including her parents, discovered what she had been up to. Her father goaded her to give it up. Boxing is too dangerous, he told her. Members of her clan disapproved. The boys in her hometown ridiculed her. She held out.

“One day, I will show you who I am,” she recalled thinking.

I love girls who can kick some ass.


Asian med school drop out turned R&B sensation

I’ve recently discovered a new celebrity crush.  Jay Sean isn’t your typical R&B singer.


You may be quick to assume by his name that he’s another Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, or Sean Diddy Combs, but Jay Sean is UK’s first Asian R&B singer.

Born of Sikh Punjabi descent and known by his family as Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, this emerging R&B singer decided to put aside his medicine career and take up a stage name, Jay Sean, in order to pursue a career in singing. While it was a risky decision, it sure proved successful.  Collaborating with renowned hip-hop artists like Lil’ Wayne, Jay Sean has created numerous chart-topping hits, with the most recent one being “Down.”

In an interview with The Asian ID Documentary, Jay Sean describes how he defied the norms of his Asian culture to pursue his singing career and how his Asian heritage is an inspiration behind his work.


Indian weddings reveal sari-loving fob within

7.19.09 002I love dressing up, particularly when it involves 9-yards of gorgeous sari fabric, bindis and lots of bangles.  Last weekend I attended my friend’s cousin’s wedding, and I’m now convinced that nothing delights (or perhaps amuses) Indian people more than seeing a random Chinese girl dressed in a sari.  My love for all things Indian stems from my growing up in Singapore, where Indians make up the island’s third largest ethnic group and where the president is Indian. Either that or I was Indian in my past life…


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