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New Web Hosting – Please Update Subscription Links

Dear readers, we have moved our hosting and will require you to update your RSS and email subscription links:

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-Duncan (your pseudo webmaster)


Blog Downtime – Transfer of Web Hosting

Hi all,

Please note that there will be some blog downtime in the coming 24-48 hours while we transfer web hosting for this blog. Our hope and reason for this transfer is to bring our readers a better experience!

-Duncan (pseudo webmaster)

iPhone app for perverts who like to look up women’s skirts

If you’re feeling the itch to sneak a peek at a cute Japanese lady’s panties, BottleCube’s iPhone app Puff! is the legal way to do it. The harder you rub your screen and blow on the mic, the higher her skirt will fly. The more her skirt is raised, the louder her squeal. There are different scenarios in case you want to change things up a little–a park, the office and a bar. Save yourself a sexual harassment suit, and get yours at the iTunes store today!


Disgrasian via Huffington Post