Contributing Writers

Amy Nguyen

Once a small-town girl, growing up in the suburbs of upstate New York, I became assimilated into the fob culture and lifestyle when I embarked on my journey overseas at a young age, growing up in Tokyo and Singapore.  Oh, and I’m Vietnamese if you haven’t already recognized from my last name.  I have a fondness for foods that appear on “Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern” like pig ears and duck fetus.  Now situated in Seattle where I’m being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment a.k.a. law school, I enjoy dining out at local eateries and of course, blogging.



3 responses to “Contributing Writers

  1. Awesome Blog. By duck fetus I assume you mean Balut? You had snakeblood wine? If you ever are in philippines you must try it.. as well as the less exotic sigsig… mmmmm

  2. Thanks! Yeah Vietnamese also have their version of “Balut.” As for snakeblood wine…that may be pushing it for me but hey, if it’s good, why not =)

  3. amyyyy!! what about the the adopted white girl who wanted to be fobulous w/ her hello kitty seatbelts and drinking bubble tea to fit in after she found out there is culture outside her mi chang world?? love yaaa biiiiiiiiiaaattcccchhh 😉

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