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Japanese bodybuilders flex their muscles

Asian guys can be built too, you know! Just check out these male bodybuilders posing at the Japan Bodybuilding Championships in Tokyo last Monday. I think some of them need to work on their spray-on tans. Hot or not?




I just found a picture of their girlfriends on China Daily.




Fobby tattoos on the rise for China’s 60th

Always wanted a badass tattoo, but can’t figure out what to get?  How about something fobulously patriotic, like a map of the motherland?


“Tattoo artist Ren Liang works on a tattoo on customer Chen Huang’s back in his shop in central Beijing September 28, 2009.  The small tattoo parlour has had an influx of requests for tattoos which symbolise the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.”

Check out the full gallery here!


Fobs prove versatile in restroom use

On my last trip back to Singapore, I realized that we fobs are quite talented in our ability to use a variety of toilet structures.  In fact, during just the commute time from San Francisco to Singapore, I had already switched toilet styles three times:

jet-airplane-toilet1. The Western-Style Sitting Toilet

Location:  Cathay Pacific flight CX879

Tips:  For hygiene reasons, use a seat liner.  If there aren’t any, line the toilet seat with toilet paper!

2. The Japanese “Washlet” with built-in bidet509px-JapaneseToiletBidet

Location: Tokyo Narita Airport during my layover

Tips:  Don’t freak out.  The water might startle you a little a first, but after using it, you’ll wish you had one of these in your home, too!  The bidet’s high-tech console, located next to the toilet seat, includes functions such as water pressure adjustment, water temperature adjustment and drying. They are usually accompanied with “sound” buttons that mimic flushing noises to hide the shameful plops your poop makes.  My favorite feature is the heated seat that warms your butt on cold winter nights.

3.  The Squat ToiletSquat_Toilet_Shanghai

Location: Singapore Changi Airport

Tips:  If you’ve never used one before, practice the Asian Squat a couple times first to get your balance right.  Also, make sure you’re positioned in the middle of the squat–there’s nothing worse than bad aiming! These squat toilets are still very common, and are even found in posh office buildings.


The buzz around Wong Fu Productions keeps getting louder


I just bought this cute fob shirt from the Wong Fu Store, the merchandise section of Wong Fu Productions.  The characters say, jia you, or “add oil”–it’s the Chinese equivalent of sporting chants like “Go! Go!” or “Come on!”  I love it.

Cute shirts aren’t the only thing Wong Fu makes, though.  This home-grown film production company, run by three super-talented Asian-American guys, has gained increasing popularity since they started making short films, or “shorts,” in 2003.  A few years ago I stumbled on their short, “Yellow Fever,”a hilarious exploration of the Asian-girl-dating-white-guy phenomenon, and was hooked ever since.

It’s awesome to see how far they’ve come, and how exciting their future looks.  They were recently interviewed by CNN, featured in the Cannes International Film Festival, and last year went on tour to speak at college campuses about their work.  Jia You you guys!

Check out their newly-released short, “Dreamline,” which makes me love being from Hong Kong (and it’s the Official Selection to LA Asian Pacific Film Fest 2009!):