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How to find a girlfriend in China

All the single ladies, all the single ladies!  Well, and single guys too.  Yesterday, bachelors and bachelorettes in Hangzhou flocked to a grand blind date party, scouring personal ads hung clothes-line-style to find that special someone.  The event, which was televised nationwide, is one of many blind date parties becoming popular in China.


Check out the full gallery here!



Singaporean cabbie with a Stanford PhD

You can find still find yourself behind the driving wheel of a cab even after forking out loads of cash, and devoting a backbreaking amount of effort and time to obtain a PhD from Stanford. This happened to 57-year-old China-born Dr. Cai Mingjie, who resorted to driving cabs as a way to make ends meet after he was retrenched from his job researching cell genetics at a research institute in Singapore. After facing multiple rejections, he saw the taxi industry filled with job vacancies.

He also started blogging about his experiences. His latest post talks about getting an “indecent proposal” from a bar girl.

Fobber Amy and I are chasing our graduate degrees right now, so here’s to hoping that years from now, we’ll be on the career paths we wish to be on. If we ever do find ourselves in dire straits, the lesson to learn from Cai is to suck up your pride, and take on whatever job you can find.



Chinese senior citizens break it down in hip hop dance-off

Apparently hip hop is getting popular among the 50+ folks in China…

Funny, I just had a convo with my coworker about how her 95-year old grandpa sends her emails, and how my 85-year old grandma swims for two hours every morning.  Seriously, these senior citizens are making us young’uns look bad!


(Thanks Lydia for the link!)

Fobulous trends: Mandarin classes in Liberia

I’ve always said the romance languages are way overrated, and the language to learn is actually Chinese.  Well, looks like locals in Liberia are moving in the right direction–at least in my fobby opinion.  The newest trend in this West African country seems to be Mandarin classes.

It only makes sense, though.  China has a huge role in the economic development of this war-torn country, from rebuilding roads with funding from the World Bank, to running hotels and restaurants.  And naturally, Liberians are realizing increasingly that Mandarin is a necessity.

Liberia Chinese Class

“Traditionally, we Liberians are closer to the Americans than we are to the Chinese, but the irony is that the Chinese are more open to us than the Americans are,” 57-year-old John K. Cooper, who works for a local youth development center, and is one of 15 students in the Mandarin class that began this week, told AP.

“Americans know and have technologies, but they are not yet ready to bring them to Africa. The Chinese are doing just that,” he added.

In fact, the Chinese firm China Union recently became Liberia’s largest investor ever.  China Union signed a $2.6 billion agreement earlier this year to go into the iron ore business in a town about 30 miles north of Monrovia.  Africa’s trade with China reached more than $100 billion in 2008 and has multiplied by 10 since 2001, according to the African Economic Outlook.

I’m telling ya, everyone needs some Mandarin skillz…


Link (thanks Ed @ehoa)

Chinese bankers count cash at superhuman speed

You know those machines at the bank that can count a huge stack of bills in mere seconds?  Well, check out China’s human version.  Featured on CCTV, these incredible individuals are “both fast and accurate” in their ability to count money, newspapers, and stamp envelopes at superhuman speed.  Crazy!


(Thanks to my pops for sending me this fobulous video!)

It’s a small world after all

What does a community of dwarves in China do to escape discrimination?  Turn themselves into a tourist attraction!  Whether or not the idea settles well with you, this community from thedwarf_1491953c mountain commune in Kunming, China decided to capitalize on their height instead of letting it be a barrier to social acceptance and employment.  Pay an entrance fee and you will get a chance watch these people dress up like fairy tale characters to entertain you.  Would you pay for this tourist attraction?



Happy Birthday, China!

The fobby motherland celebrates its 60th National Day today.  Happy Birthday!