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Chinese senior citizens break it down in hip hop dance-off

Apparently hip hop is getting popular among the 50+ folks in China…

Funny, I just had a convo with my coworker about how her 95-year old grandpa sends her emails, and how my 85-year old grandma swims for two hours every morning.  Seriously, these senior citizens are making us young’uns look bad!


(Thanks Lydia for the link!)


Another new MJ dance tribute by Filipino prisoners

Looks like the Filipino inmates are still continuing the Michael Jackson legacy.  This time, fully equipped with white gloves and black hats, these inmates show off new and improved dance moves to their own rendition of Dangerous.

With the crowd cheering and choreographed moonwalks, these prisoners are coming in as convicts and leaving as professional dancers.


Philippine jailbirds recreate MJ dance tribute today

What is incredible about my childhood idol, Michael Jackson, was that his music transcended cultural boundaries and reached even far-flung locales.  A prime example of MJ’s staggering international influence?  1,400 Filipino convicts dancing to “Thriller” inside a Cebu jail.  The performance became a worldwide YouTube hit in 2007, and as a tribute to their dead star, the jailbirds will be recreating their performance today.

RIP MJ.  From Cebu to Singapore to Japan to Vietnam and beyond, your music will live forever.

Thanks to Danny (@shinb0) for the link!


*** Update – 6/21/09 ***

Check out the video of the MJ tribute!

(Thanks Amy!)