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NYC’s latest fashion statement: coconut chic

I couldn’t help but be humored by the front page feature on today’s NY Times website about the city’s latest food fashion trend: fresh coconuts.  Move aside Gucci and Prada, looks like the fashion capital has discovered a new summer accessory… and it tastes sublime, too.


“Like banh mi sandwiches and sriracha chili sauce, the young coconut and its juice is the latest formerly humble food to be discovered by New York City’s style set, and elevated — if not quite to the level of a status symbol — at least to that of a prized accessory.”  Reminiscent of Thai beach culture, coconuts have become the trendy thing to sip on while out walking around the city.

Growing up in Singapore, we had a coconut tree in our backyard and every other week or so my dad would bring out the ladder and butcher knife to hack open fresh coconuts for me and my brother.  Now, according to the NY Times’ Fashion & Style, fresh coconuts, sold for $2 to $4, are all the rage, “sipped tiki-style by someone young and fashionable, as they have been all summer.”  Hilarious.



China produces surprisingly authentic MJ copycat

The home of counterfeit Gucci purses and Prada wallets has a new imitation sensation: the fake MJ.  On this day of memorializing the King of Pop, the Chinese MJ, Wang Jie aka “WJ,” has also made the news.   Still, I must say this fake MJ looks surprisingly like the real thing.  It’s too bad I can’t say the same about his dance moves.

Check out WJ’s video here (sorry, CNN wouldn’t let me embed into this post).


(Thanks, Danny @shinb0!)