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Japanese bodybuilders flex their muscles

Asian guys can be built too, you know! Just check out these male bodybuilders posing at the Japan Bodybuilding Championships in Tokyo last Monday. I think some of them need to work on their spray-on tans. Hot or not?




I just found a picture of their girlfriends on China Daily.




Japanese facial product transforms you into a heartthrob

Apparently using this face product will turn you into a stud. Check out this commercial by Gatsby, a Japanese brand of skin and hair products for men. The hot guy in the clip is Takuya Kimura, one of the top entertainers in Japan whose claim to fame is from being part of a boyband called SMAP, a band started in 1988. For some reason, boybands don’t really lose their appeal in Japan. SMAP is still as popular, or even more popular, than when they started out. Now if this product turns me into Jessica Alba, I’m going to go buy a huge box of it.


Japan Probe

Swine flu mask + Armani style = Anti-swine flu suit

Repelling swine flu never looked so hot.  This week in Japan, menswear company Haruyama Trading announced the launch of its stylish anti-swine flu suit.  The wool suit is coated with titanium dioxide, which chemically breaks down virus, mold and odor molecules on contact when exposed under sunlight.  The effect is supposed to last even after the suit is washed more than 20 times.


The suit costs about US$590 and “will go on sale from Saturday mainly at Haruyama stores across the country,” according to the Manichi Daily News.


If you think this is cool, check out Haruyama’s other stuff, like their waterproof suit.  Too bad they only sell in Japan!



Another solution to global warming: pee before flying

Just when you thought airline regulations couldn’t get any more cumbersome, Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) recently started a new policy encouraging passengersallnippon_1493865c to empty their bladders before boarding the aircraft.  The rationale behind this is that empty bladders means lighter passengers, resulting in a lighter aircraft and lower fuel use.

So don’t be alarmed the next time you fly ANA and a crew member reminds you at the gate to use the bathroom before boarding.  Do your part in saving the environment–empty your bladder!



Principal of a Tokyo international school caught smuggling drugs

Holy crap, I thought this stuff only happens in movies! Shirley Lane, the principal of the kindergarten or junior school of the International School of Sacred Heart, and her husband Thomas, have been arrested for smuggling marijuana into Japan. They tried to have someone mail 5.9 grams of weed, stuffed between clothing, from another country. The husband also admitted to bringing in $100 worth of the drug to Japan, which he purchased in Florida. The police found small amounts of pot in the principal’s office and home.

Wow, I actually attended the school for a brief period in high school. Who knew the administration were more wild than the students!



Japanese farmers get artsy with funky rice murals

3933440776_1838daa303_mWho says that farmers can’t also be artists?  In the small town of Inakadate, Japan, rice farmers have been attracting audiences since 1993 with their badass rice paddy murals, created by planting different kinds rice.  What started as a local revitalization project has become a famous tourist attraction as the murals have increased in both size and complexity over the years.

“I feel happy to see many people come to see our rice paddies because, here in Inakadate Village, rice and people’s lives are very closely connected,” Akio Nakayama, who leads the rice paddy art project, told the Japan Times.

This year, the farmers celebrate 17 years rice art with incredible murals of a Sengoku warrior and Napoleon.  Crazy!



(Weird Asia News via Japan Times via Romanian in Japan)

Japanese kitty snuggles with its lovebird

Check out Shou the cat and Pipi the bird (both from the Aichi prefecture) cuddling together.  Awww!  Japanese people love watching the cutest animal clips.