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Poking my way to Labor Day relaxation with acupuncture

So I had my first-ever acupuncture appointment today, and for someone who’s afraid of needles I have to say it was pretty cool. Randy Lam, a jolly man of 72, assured me that he’d been practicing for decades and that he would get my stiff shoulders relaxed. . . by sticking pins in my legs.


Lying face up on the exam bed, Randy stuck three super-fine needles in each of my lower legs, at acupuncture points along the body’s meridian. I could barely feel the needles, so no biggie, right?

But then he “activates” each needle by turning it, and I feel an uncomfortable, deep pressure in at each point. Turning each needle over and over, the pressure in my legs increase to an almost unbearable intensity. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I feel extremely hot and break out in a sweat, my hands clammy and little beads of perspiration on my face. I ask Randy why I’m so hot–he says he’s activated my circulation. . . weird! I start breathing deeply as I feel a low-electric buzz in my brain–the only way I can describe it is that it feels like gentle pins-and-needles in your noggin. Laying there in “meditation,” I massage my right shoulder and, to my surprise, one of the needles in my left leg starts tingling!

After a couple more needles in my hands and feet, my session is over and I feel surprisingly relaxed, the soreness in my legs’ pressure points still lingering. My muscles feel loose. My brain feels calm. . .

Thanks, Randy–Labor Day weekend, here I come.