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Headache? Forget Advil, try a Chinese foot massage

footI admit the diagrams that illustrate which internal organs correspond with which foot pressure points are a little weird, but I swear there’s truth to it.

In addition to my acupuncture, I also got a traditional Chinese foot massage yesterday and it was amazing.  I have chronically tight shoulder muscles and upon prodding and kneading my feet, Mr. Winn looks up and says in Chinese, “You have very tense shoulders, right?”  Shocked, I asked him how he knew, and he replies nonchalantly, “I can tell everything from your feet.”


During my year living in Shanghai, I fell in love with the intense (and admittedly slightly painful) traditional Chinese foot massages, a.k.a. reflexology.  Unlike western massage, which people get primarily as an expensive luxury, reflexology is seen as a healthy practice that can improve circulation, cure high blood pressure and kidney ailments, and relieve headaches.  It’s cheaper than western massages, too–my wonderful hour-long session was just $20 at Oriental Wellness Center in Oakland Chinatown!