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How to find a girlfriend in China

All the single ladies, all the single ladies!  Well, and single guys too.  Yesterday, bachelors and bachelorettes in Hangzhou flocked to a grand blind date party, scouring personal ads hung clothes-line-style to find that special someone.  The event, which was televised nationwide, is one of many blind date parties becoming popular in China.


Check out the full gallery here!



The real Couples Retreat: Malaysia’s beach mends rocky marriages

I wonder if this is where they got the idea for the newly-released movie, Couples Retreat.  In hopes of slowing the state’s soaring divorce rates, Terengganu, in north-east Malaysia, is offering troubled couples a three-day “second honeymoon” free of charge at one of its gorgeous beaches.  The offer is worth about US$440, and interested couples must apply, interview and agree to marital counseling.  So far, the Muslim-majority state has already done a pilot program with 25 couples, attempting to mend relationships on the brink of divorce.


“I want to strengthen family ties. If a marriage breaks down, it will hurt the children and it will have serious implications on society,” Ashaari Idris, a government official in Terengganu, said.

Growing up in Singapore–just an hour away from Malaysia–I can personally attest to the soothing power of Malaysia’s amazing beaches.  But I wonder if it’s really possible to fix a rocky marriage in just three days??



China’s 25-year-old champ finally allowed a girlfriend

wanghaoWang Hao, China’s reigning ping pong champ, is finally allowed to have a girlfriend.  Until recently, the 25-year old was banned from dating, as is common with many of China’s national athletes.  His girlfriend, 23-year old Peng Luyang, is a former national ping pong champion.

“Both of them are old enough and it’s normal,” China Daily quoted Peng’s coach Qiao Yunping as saying.

Star athletes are often restricted from dating or marrying until a certain age, in the hopes of keeping them focused on their athletic careers.  According to AP:

Athletes who date without permission risk being punished. In 2004, Wang started dating another fellow national team player, Fan Ying, and officials kicked Fan off the national team. Media reports said Wang avoided punishment at the time because his world ranking was much higher than Fan’s.

Kind of sounds like some Asian parents I know!