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Bittersweet North and South Korean reunions

The last time Lee Hye-gyong saw her mom was when she was 16, almost six decades ago.  Now 75, she was given the chance to reunite with her family after the 1950-53 Korean war.  Her mom is 100.

Last month, 200 families from North and South Korea, 100 from each side, were randomly selected for a rare opportunity to reunite with long-lost loved ones.  But the briefness of it all made the meetings exceptionally emotional.


“We had five reunion sessions in total, spending two hours with my sister each time, in addition to a one-hour farewell meeting,” younger sister, 62-year-old Lee Kyong-hee, said in her reunification story.  “The moment Hye-gyong entered the reunion hall, I recognized her immediately even though she looks very different from what I remember about her appearance.”

While some critics say these reunification programs are cruel because the meetings are so short and communication after the reunion is still banned, others insist that it’s a step towards reconciliation between the two countries.

Click here to watch a video of the reunions. Be warned, you need tissues for this.



South Koreans show off new infiltration techniques

Don’t worry, we try to keep things rated PG on this site.  These tanned and chiseled hunks are actually just the South Korean special warfare command soldiers participating in a sea infiltration drill.KOREA/

I wonder if they’ve considered modeling as a side job.  Check out more photos of these soliders in training here.


First Asian PGA champion brings down Tiger

PGA Championship GolfBig news for Asians around the world yesterday as South Korea’s Yang Yong-eun, 37, became the first Asian player to win a PGA major title.  Yang, who learned golf in South Korea before coming to America, made a stunning victory against Tiger Woods this weekend.

According to AP, “Woods was 14-0 when he was atop the leaderboard going into the final round of a major. He had never lost any tournament on American soil when leading by more than one shot.”

Never say never, huh.  Go Yang!