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Swine flu mask + Armani style = Anti-swine flu suit

Repelling swine flu never looked so hot.  This week in Japan, menswear company Haruyama Trading announced the launch of its stylish anti-swine flu suit.  The wool suit is coated with titanium dioxide, which chemically breaks down virus, mold and odor molecules on contact when exposed under sunlight.  The effect is supposed to last even after the suit is washed more than 20 times.


The suit costs about US$590 and “will go on sale from Saturday mainly at Haruyama stores across the country,” according to the Manichi Daily News.


If you think this is cool, check out Haruyama’s other stuff, like their waterproof suit.  Too bad they only sell in Japan!




In Japan, swine flu masks are a family affair

The spread of H1N1 is sweeping over Japan, and mask producers are doing their best to capitalize on the epidemic. Take a look at one of the commercials this mask firm is putting out all over the country:

The commercial says that there is a mask just for papa, another one suited for mama, and one more for the little girl! It’s funny, because in America, I didn’t really feel the sense of swine flu urgency as I do now in Japan. Even the Japan Times newspaper has a section on its website devoted to virus.

True story: When I was in Chicago a couple of months ago, I received a huge package from my mom (who is living in Japan.) I was so touched, because it was completely unexpected. I ripped open the present with anticipation and found… a huge box of swine flu masks.