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The real Couples Retreat: Malaysia’s beach mends rocky marriages

I wonder if this is where they got the idea for the newly-released movie, Couples Retreat.  In hopes of slowing the state’s soaring divorce rates, Terengganu, in north-east Malaysia, is offering troubled couples a three-day “second honeymoon” free of charge at one of its gorgeous beaches.  The offer is worth about US$440, and interested couples must apply, interview and agree to marital counseling.  So far, the Muslim-majority state has already done a pilot program with 25 couples, attempting to mend relationships on the brink of divorce.


“I want to strengthen family ties. If a marriage breaks down, it will hurt the children and it will have serious implications on society,” Ashaari Idris, a government official in Terengganu, said.

Growing up in Singapore–just an hour away from Malaysia–I can personally attest to the soothing power of Malaysia’s amazing beaches.  But I wonder if it’s really possible to fix a rocky marriage in just three days??




Chinese bride’s 1.4 mile-long dress breaks world record

dress_1458077cIn an extravagant act of love, husband-to-be Zhao Peng created for his bride, Lin Rong, what he hopes will be the world’s longest wedding dress.  It took the 200 guests a whopping three hours to unroll the train and decorate it with 9,999 silk roses. The Chinese word for “nine” sounds exactly the same as the Chinese word for “old” or “lasting.” Asian people love the play on words.

After the wedding, Zhao cut the dress down to 1,984.1022m, representing Lin’s date of birth, and added 608 crystals, one for every day they had dated.

200m-long dressIt’s not the first time Chinese brides have tried to break records this way.  Last year, a couple in Guangzhou broke the domestic record with the bride’s 200.8m-long dress, which, they said, celebrated the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Oh, fobulous love!



Indian weddings reveal sari-loving fob within

7.19.09 002I love dressing up, particularly when it involves 9-yards of gorgeous sari fabric, bindis and lots of bangles.  Last weekend I attended my friend’s cousin’s wedding, and I’m now convinced that nothing delights (or perhaps amuses) Indian people more than seeing a random Chinese girl dressed in a sari.  My love for all things Indian stems from my growing up in Singapore, where Indians make up the island’s third largest ethnic group and where the president is Indian. Either that or I was Indian in my past life…


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