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Philippines’ Typhoon Ondoy death toll hits 293

The number of victims Typhoon Ondoy (also known as Ketsana) has claimed continues to climb, rising to about 293 deaths. In addition, more than 680,000 people are crammed into shelters. The AP reported it as the worst flooding in four decades.

Although I’ve never been to the Philippines, I have a soft spot for the country since my dad spent the early years of his life there. It breaks my heart to see pictures like the one below. Ondoy has also wreaked havoc in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, with estimates of 406 dead in Southeast Asia.

If you’re looking to donate to the Philippines, click here.

As we fobs know, the Chinese believe that bad things happen in threes. A tsunami killed about 150 people people on Tuesday while wrecking American and Western Samoa.  Then, elsewhere in Asia, deaths reached 1,100 in Indonesia from two quakes that happened on Wednesday and Thursday in the city of Padang.